What is the Most You Can Get for Your Personal Injury Claim in Georgia?

Posted by Richard S. GriffinJun 27, 20230 Comments

What's my auto accident claim worth?

Determining the maximum settlement or verdict possible for your Georgia personal injury claim is very challenging. Why?

  • Your settlement or verdict can vary significantly depending on various factors, such as the specific facts of your case. Many of these factors include:
    • What is the severity of your injuries? 
      • Examples of the higher-valued injuries include TBIs, concussions, spinal injuries, disc herniations, facet syndrome, carpel tunnel syndrome, fractures, and joint injuries (shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, hip, knee, ankle, and foot)
    • Are your injuries permanent?
      • Doctors can assign a permanent impairment rating for permanent injuries.
      • Permanent impairment ratings allow us to argue for pain and suffering for your entire life expectancy.
    • How have your injuries limited your work, home, or play activities?
      • You can recover pain and suffering to compensate you for your injuries negative impact on your life. 
      • The value of your pain and suffering compensation is very fact specific. It typically increases when your injuries are more severe, and your treatment involves pain management procedures such as epidural steroid injections, facet injections, and radiofrequency ablations.
      • If you undergo surgery, your pain and suffering are always higher since surgery is something everyone wants to avoid.
    • Do you have any scarring?
      • Because scarring is a constant reminder of your horrific auto accident, your injury claim is worth more when you suffer scarring that is easily seen by others.
    • Did you require injections or surgery in addition to conservative care?
      • Since injections and surgery are often painful, expensive, and often need to be repeated, they significantly increase the value of your personal injury claim.
    • How much did your medical treatment cost?
      • If you get all the medical treatment needed to get better and your medical charges are reasonable, your injury recovery will be higher as your medical bills increase.
    • What are the policies limits for the available insurance coverage?
      • The insurance company's settlement exposure usually is limited by the policy limits on the auto policy that covers your claim.
      • The mandatory minimum limits for personal injury claims in Georgia is $25,000 per claimant and $50.000 for all claimants injured in the auto accident.
      • The Griffin Law Firm sends a time-limited policy limits demand to the insurance company, creating potential exposure for a future excess verdict (a verdict of more than the available insurance coverage).
    • Was the defendant guilty of DUI, hit and run, or intentionally hurting you?
      • If the defendant is driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol or leaves the scene of the accident, punitive damages may be available.
      • Punitive damages punish the defendant for actions that show a reckless disregard for human life to deter the defendant from this outrageous conduct and increase the compensation to the injured victim.
    • Do you have an experienced personal injury attorney representing you?
      • Which injury lawyer you hire makes a difference. The insurance companies and their defense attorneys track which attorneys have high rankings and a history of obtaining significant settlements and verdicts.
      • Attorney Richard Griffin and the Griffin Law Firm have been awarded an AV Preeminently rating from the Martindale-Hubble, the highest rating from other lawyers and judges for legal skills and ethics.
  • How can you find out what your personal injury claim is worth?
    1. The Griffin Law Firm will do a settlement evaluation of your personal injury claim for free.
    2. You can find out what your case is worth by calling the Griffin Law Firm at 877-724-6529 or

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