Dog Bite Lawyers

When do you have a dog bite personal injury claim?

  1. Someone else's dog bites you and causes an injury, and
  2. The dog owner did not have the dog on a leash or in a fenced-in area, or the dog has bitten someone before.

Why should you hire the Griffin Law Firm?

Attorney Richard Griffin founded the Griffin Law Firm to provide the best possible customer service while delivering excellent results, and that's exactly what our firm delivers. The best way to know how we are doing is to review the following factors:

When do you have a dog bite personal injury claim?

  • Big Settlements: Our dog bite attorneys have a track record of outstanding dog bite personal injury recoveries. Some of our dog bite settlements are $115,000 (thigh injury), $80,000 (ear injury), and $30,000 (arm injury).
  • Thorough Investigation: We know how to investigate the dog attack to get the documentation needed to win your dog bite claim.
  • Insurance: We will identify the homeowner's insurance policy that covers your dog bite claim,

How much is your dog bite personal injury claim worth?

There is nothing more important than knowing the projected value of your dog bite case. It gives you the settlement goal to reach to ensure you are fully compensated for your dog bite personal injury claim. Submit your dog bite claim to the Griffin Law Firm using our free Dog Bite Settlement Calculator below:

What should you do immediately after the dog bite happens?

  • Call Animal Control: Calling Animal Control ensures that there is a report of the dog bite so the dog attack will be documented. This also allows us to find out who owns the dog and if the dog has a history of biting people. 
  • Get Medical Treatment: Getting medical treatment as soon as possible is very important as well. Dog bites have a very high risk of infection and might require stitches or other emergency treatment.
  • Call us for your free Case Evaluation: Call the Griffin Law Firm: We will investigate your claim, gather the documentation, assist you in getting medical treatment, and obtain a great settlement or verdict for you.

What are common challenges in dog bite cases?

  • Dog owners sometimes are reluctant to give you their homeowner's insurance unless you have an attorney.
  • Insurance companies sometimes reject the case under Georgia's one-free-bite rule. In Georgia, if the dog has never bitten before, then the dog owner is not liable for the dog bite personal injury claim unless the dog is not on a leash or not in a fenced-in area.

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